Facsimiles is an installation piece by Luke Augur and Jacob Deakin in collaboration with Ceri Pritchard.

Exhibited as part of the Spring 2023 Exhibition at Mid Wales Arts Centre from 26th March to the 5th May.
In addition to this a films version of the installation has been shown in contribution to the 'State of Affairs' exhibition at y Storiel in Bangor from 1st April to the 24th June 2023.

Facsimiles is an immersive audio-visual experience that delves into our complex relationship with nature. This art installation focuses on the veneration of natural motifs, such as oak leaves, shells, and flowers, which we often incorporate into the design of domestic objects like chairs and wardrobes. However, the creation of these prized objects comes at a cost: the destruction of the very natural world that inspires us.

Through the use of projection and other multimedia elements, Facsimiles brings to life the cyclical process that underlies our relationship with nature. The installation invites viewers to contemplate the paradoxical nature of our desire to imitate and conserve the natural world, even as we exploit and destroy it.

Luke Augur & Jacob Deakin, 2023

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