Creating an audio reactive, projection mapped video for Ivor Novello award winning musician Ben Parson's project called 'Mono Mouse'.
When keeping titles simple, it is important to focus on the subtle factors that add depth, how the type tracks, fades, blurs and merges into the other typography were important considerations.
When projection mapping format is key, it is the space that you will sculpt the imagery to. Starting off with a basic plan I refined and then simplified the forms to a point where I felt they suited the audio.
This system was created to make the video you can see below as the main audio reactive component. Firstly it converts the audio information from the track into usable data, then that data is added to a switch to cycle between found footage video clips, after that it mainly involves adding texture and distorting/colouring the footage. One of my main methods is to add a distorted version of the footage that is briefly triggered with the snare to further illustrate the connection to the music.
Above is the Final projection system each of the different styles of projection is colour co-ordinated, this is useful because throughout the process I had to film the video sequence many times so to make it repeatable is very necessary.

Below is a selection at different format attempts before I settled on the final one used in the video.
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